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Thursday, 07 May 2015 09:26

Recalibrating South Africa’s Role in Global Economic Governance: A Nigerian Perspective on Some Strategic Challenges

Written by Cyril Obi

SAIIA Policy Insights 11, March 2015

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Economic Diplomacy

A Nigerian perspective on South Africa’s position in global economic governance, particularly in relation to its role in the BRICS grouping and the G-20, provides critical insights into the potential benefits of a reinvigorated Nigerian–South African partnership. The partnership is important in addressing the challenge of transforming Africa’s marginal role in global economic governance. This policy briefing explores how South Africa, by repositioning its strategic partnership with Nigeria, a continental economic power outside of BRICS, stands to strengthen Africa’s role and global position, and how such a partnership might lead to developmental dividends. It concludes by looking at the potential benefits of a strengthened Nigerian–South African co-operation and urges both countries to move beyond rivalry and take steps towards implementing a developmental partnership.

Author: Cyril Obi

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