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Friday, 29 November 2013 13:01

BRICS: The 2013 Durban Summit

Written by John Kirton and Marina Larionova (Eds.)

A special section in Invest in South Africa 2013, published by Newsdesk Media, 2013.

Edited by John Kirton and Marina Larionova.

Click here to download a PDF of the BRICS section from the BRICS Information Centre at the University of Toronto


  • Prospects for the BRICS Summit, by Marina Larionova and John Kirton, co-directors, BRICS Research Group
  • BRICS membership: South Africa and the wider continent, by Francis A Kornegay, senior research fellow, Institute for Global Dialogue
  • South Africa's continental agenda for the BRICS Durban Summit, by Siphamandla Zondi, director, Institute for Global Dialogue, and honorary professor of politics and development studies, University of South Africa
  • Enhancing investment among BRICS members and beyond, by Catherine Grant-Makokera, economic diplomacy programme head, and Memory Dube, senior researcher, South African Institute of International Affairs
  • Tackling the challenges of ICT and the internet, by Vladimir Orlov, president, PIR Center, editor-in-chief, Security Index Journal, and director, Centre Russe d'Etudes Politiques; and Oleg Demidov, NET Project Coordinator, PIR Center
  • BRICS on the global frontier: creating space for growth, by Yoginder K Alagh, chair, Institute of Rural Management Anand; former minister of power, planning, science and technology, India
  • Creating a BRICS development bank: prospects and possibilities, by H H S Viswanathan, distinguished fellow, Observer Research Foundation
  • The BRICS group as a crucial locomotive of G20 development, by Vadim B Lukov, BRICS sous-sherpa & coordinator for G20 affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation
  • The BRICS Durban Summit: time for action, not words, by Jim O'Neill, retiring chairman, Goldman Sachs
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