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Thursday, 15 November 2012 12:47

BRICS Joint Statistical Publication 2010

Written by GEG Africa

The present publication is the result of joint efforts of National Statistical Offices (NSOs) of Brazil, Russia, India and China, emerging great countries which, together, have become known worldwide as the BRIC group. The need to begin the dissemination of information about these countries, mainly through a publication with selected data, was an issue agreed on in the BRIC Leaders Meeting, held in New York, in September 2009. 

In order to carry out this project, and considering the presence of heads of NSOs in the 41st Session of the United Nations Statistical Commission, BRIC countries sent representatives to the First Meeting of BRIC Countries NSOs, held at the office of Brazil's Permanent Mission to the United Nations, in New York, on February 22nd, 2010, a date on which the main directives for this publication were established. Since Brazil will host the II Summit of Heads of State of the BRIC Countries, in 2010, the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE) has organized the first edition of this publication. The date of April 16, when the Summit will be held, was chosen for the release of the first volume of the "Joint Statistical Publication by BRIC Countries". Considering the short period of time available to produce this publication, information from each country has been reproduced as it is usually presented by the respective NSOs and by other national producers of statistics. Information, including selected data about economic and social aspects, is displayed in tables organized into thematic chapters. These tables are also available in a CD-ROM which is part of the publication. In the first volume, BRIC countries NSOs present statistical information shared by the four member states. This publication is the first step towards a common project of harmonization of BRIC statistical information; it consists, therefore, of a new vehicle for the integration of participating countries. After this initial step, coming volumes of the "Joint Statistical Publication by BRIC Countries" will certainly bring advances regarding coverage and incorporation of statistical information in BRIC countries.

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