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Friday, 14 September 2018 09:22

Event report back: ‘South Africa’s private sector investment into Africa’

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GEGAfrica Event Report, September 2018

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 South Africa has long been one of the most important investors in Africa, but its share of total investment on the continent has declined significantly in recent years, with countries like China becoming much more active in the investment space. What does this mean and is it a cause for concern?

South African investment into Africa has not been the subject of much research. As a result, the GEG Africa programme has undertaken a comprehensive scoping study on the extent, nature and sectoral focus of South African investment in Africa, based on available (largely financial) data on a sample of JSE-listed companies and various qualitative inputs. The main results of the study were reported at a workshop in Pretoria on 5 September 2018 where trade and development experts were also able to share their views on how Africa’s ample investment opportunities could be more effectively leveraged by South African firms.

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