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The Council of Councils Rome Regional Conference

  • Location: Rome, Italy

On September 8–10, 2013, CFR and the Italian Institute of International Affairs convened the third Council of Councils regional conference: "Europe and the Future of Global Governance." The South African Institute of International Affairs (who manage the GEGAfrica website) is part of the Council of Councils and was invited to participate in the event.

Participants discussed six major themes:

  • The European crisis: the eurozone's future and the European Union's role in global governance
  • The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and the future of international trade
  • Transformation in the Arab world: the role of regional and global institutions
  • The BRICS: What contribution do they give to global governance?
  • The geopolitics of energy: the European case
  • The future of the Group of Twenty

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Transcript: Ignazio Visco Governor, Bank of Italy, "The Exit from the Euro Crisis: Opportunities and Challenges of the Banking Union" (PDF)

Press Release: Ignazio Visco, Governor, Bank of Italy (PDF)

Press Release: Emma Bonino, Italian Foreign Minister (PDF)

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