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GEGAfrica diplomatic briefing on BRICS Summit 2013

  • Location: Pretoria, South Africa

A special briefing on the upcoming BRICS Summit in South Africa, for diplomats based in South Africa. This briefing will be held by the GEGAfrica project and SAIIA.

As South Africa prepares to host the fifth annual BRICS Summit from 26 to 27 March 2013 in Durban, policymakers in both the developed and developing world will be considering the likely impact of these emerging actors on the international world order. Over the last 6 years the BRIC Forum has evolved into a political and diplomatic grouping, with South Africa joining the bloc in December 2010 to form the BRICS.

While the impact of BRICS is yet to be determined, it has begun to operate as a forum for discussion of various issues with relevance to Africa and its place in the world.

This briefing is intended to provide general information in advance of Summit preparations, drawing on expertise from within SAIIA as well as inviting recognised experts on these issues to contribute.

This is a closed event, by invitation only.

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