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BRICS, G20 and Africa (with South African National Treasury)

  • Location: Lusaka, Zambia

GEG Africa’s outreach event in Lusaka, titled ‘BRICS, G20 and Africa’, was co-hosted with the National Treasury of South Africa, and led by Deputy Minister of Finance, Mr Mcebisi Jonas.

Event details

The purpose of the event was to gain African insights on how to respond to the developments in BRICS and G20 fora. The event helped to shape GEG Africa’s research agenda by identifying issues that are a priority for African participants and more broadly, identify issues that have a direct impact on the continent. The event brought together a variety of stakeholders from across Africa and abroad and they were enthusiastic to discuss the developments of the BRICS-led New Development Bank (NDB).

The event informed the GEG Africa article, ‘Africa’s $100 billion infrastructure gap: why Africa must seize the moment on the New Development Bank’ - which also highlights issues of project preparation, use of country systems and the importance of active engagement with the NDB and its Africa Regional Centre.

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