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Alliances Beyond BRICS: South Africa’s role in global economic governance

The Department of Political Sciences and the South African Institute of International Affairs (SAIIA) are holding a conference on 'Alliances Beyond BRICS: South Africa’s role in global economic governance.'

South Africa’s role in global economic governance has recently become more identifiable by its membership of the G-20 and BRICS and also by its participation in other Global South associations, such as FOCAC. BRICS, FOCAC and similar groupings, though, are too small to represent the emerging world, yet too big to ignore.

Photos from the conference are available here. Read an article on the conferencet by Alan S Alexandroff here.

Within the G-20 and these other, smaller groupings, South Africa and other emerging powers such as Turkey, Mexico and Indonesia, together with middle powers such as Canada and Australia, need to define and pursue their own strategic interests and seek out appropriate allies and/or join corresponding coalitions which might, in the case of South Africa, transcend BRICS and FOCAC and may involve a number of developed countries. This conference is aimed at exploring the various issues and interests of South Africa and other emerging and middle powers with a view to identify alternative coalitional possibilities for South Africa in mapping its strategy for global economic governance engagement.

Speakers from Australia, Canada, Indonesia, Mexico, Nigeria and South Africa will present and discuss the issues, interests and strategies of individual countries, as well as of informal groupings.

Download the programme icon Beyond BRICS Conference Programme (471.18 kB).

Date:        4-­5 December 2014
Venue:     SRC Chambers, University of Pretoria

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