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Monday, 11 November 2013 13:49

The G-20 and Financial Regulation in Africa

Written by Peter Wolff

SAIIA Policy Briefing 78, November 2013

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Published by SAIIA's Economic Diplomacy Programme

In light of the recent global financial and economic crisis, financial stability is an overarching goal for the world economy. The Group of Twenty (G-20) is the primary global forum for co-ordinating international activities in setting new standards and rules for the global financial sector to promote global financial stability and avoid cross-border spillovers of the financial crisis. A major issue in this regard is the question of how non-members of the G-20 are engaged in the G-20 processes. Currently South Africa is the only African member of the G-20.

The policy brief explores this issue in relation to Africa, and discusses how effectively Africa’s interests and concerns are directly or indirectly addressed in the G-20 processes.

Author: Peter Wolff

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